Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sunny Summer with no Snow in Sight!

The giraffe stared at us benignly as we drove by, gawking tourists with flashing boxes. You can almost see it smirk, thinking "crazy short-necks." Nevertheless, it was quite exciting to be on an African Safari in the middle of San Diego California.
Here we are taking a much needed break after a long day walking through "Africa"
Our names written in the sand The last time you'll see my pirate headband..sigh...a roller coaster snatched it awayOur signature pose when you don't have a photographer with you, thank goodness for long arms!
I forgot that with my new computer I could actually post pictures. Which means I don't have to write as imaginatively anymore, because pictures are worth a thousand words, right? I thought I'd add some sunny perspectives since my last post was about snow. I love summer!