Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother Duck vs. Crows

Nature is sometimes cruel. I was driving home this morning into my underground parking and I saw several crows circling above. Probably some dead squirrel carcass, I think, how gross. Instead I hear low pitched chirpings and see an anxious mother duck with her 12 ducklings trying to shield them all with her body. I almost started crying as I saw the crows hopping towards her. There was no way those fuzzy little ducklings were going to make it all the way to adulthood. And where was that absentee father to help out? I just wanted to scoop them all up and carry them to safety. I honked my horn and waved my hands at the crows like a madwoman but I only managed to scare the ducks. The crows just stared at me malevolently, biding their time. It made me really hate crows. And then I had to laugh at how I assign human, malicious feelings to animals. And then it made me really want Christ to return all the more so we don't have to see the evidence of sin even in creation. And then I cried.