Sunday, May 07, 2006

Silver Linings

Erg. I did not sleep very well today, it was too sunny, and people, who shall remain nameless, kept calling me...on purpose. (I can sense your gasps of astonishment, but it's true!) What’s even worse is by the time I get adjusted to the night routine again I'm going to have to switch back over to days. Ah well, such is life. Work was intense last night, or I should say this morning. My patient started emitting bright red blood from his OG tube, it completely freaked me out. Of course, I kept my calm and did the necessary things and everything turned out okay, but I always get scared around GI bleeds. Another one of my patients a while back had a massive GI bleed, dropped his pressures to 80/40 even with vasoactive drips. Pretty scary stuff. Emergent surgery and all that.
But the title of this entry is silver linings. So I should start with the good stuff. Emergent surgery guy is home with his family doing fine. My current patient was stable when I left, always good news. Now I must expose my materialistic side and admit the other silver lining is I made a mistake on my taxes but the IRS fixed it and I get a bigger tax return. Whoohoo!..ahem, I mean, that's nice. Also, I was able to get vacation days so I can go on my family's annual Door County excursion for five days. YAY! Finally, I'll be working straight nights for a straight month, which means an end to the flip-flopping for a time. Life may not always be good, but I'm fairly content at the moment.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I have a confession to make. I love to look inside people's cars and imagine what sort of lives are exhibited there. For instance, there is a silver car (I'm a girl, I don't pay attention to make and model) that parks next me in the parking garage. I had just pinpointed this person to be a hockey player slob. The bags of chips strewn across the front seat plus the mounds of hockey gear in the back gave it away. Then yesterday evening as I gave a cursory glance in the back end of his car I was confusingly surprised. Sheet music! What kind of hockey bum was this? Stacks of sheet music now served as a coating for the hockey gear. Was he transporting it as a favor? Or did my conception of him need to be radically reassessed? Yes, I do believe this is a musically talented hockey slob. So driver's beware. What you leave in your car may lead me to make assumptions about you, true or otherwise.