Thursday, April 20, 2006


Finished with my griping, I was checking my e-mail and discovered a letter of encouragement from one of my dear friends. The beautiful thing about this letter is that I haven't spoken to her in awhile and so she hasn't heard my tirade of despondency, yet she wrote me this poem. It was just exactly what I needed to bolster my heart and remind me why I do what I do, to bring honor to the name of Christ and give Him the glory. To know Christ is everything! I only hope I am able to be an imitation of His love towards my patients and their families.
Here is the poem my friend wrote:

There once was a little frog,

who said "dear mommy, what is wrong?"

She replied, "my work is so very hard,

trying to hop along the yard,

chirping this never-ending song."

The little frog sat for a time,

pondering his mommy's ryme.

Then he cried,

"Mommy, I know what is making you so drawn!"

"You forget that we were put here,

by a Big Man who has a big ear.

And he likes listening to your song.

I think you should remember,

that his Great Son was born in December,

So don't stop singing your song."

"The Big Man will listen,

and his Son's eyes will glisten,

as they think of their great plan for us.

Please don't get so weary,

and do not be so query,

of your job here in this little yard."

"Remember that I'm here today,

to hug and listen and help you pray.

So do not be discouraged!

The Big man and his Son will help you through it.

This makes your tough job in our little yard,

not so very hard."


Work has been, in a word, depressing. Discouraging. Agonizing. Draining. Exhausting. Fatiguing. Emotional.
Okay, so that's more than one word. But this is how I've been feeling. I almost cried a couple times last night..or was it this morning? I don't know. There's been talk about withdrawing on one of my patients. This is distressing in and of itself. But to top it off, this person who has had extensive trauma is getting absolutely nothing for pain or comfort. Nothing. Yet all of his vital signs are exhibiting discomfort of the most serious kind. My sorrow quickly was turning into anger, yes the MD might have had his reasons for no pain medication, but I wholeheartedly disagree with him. So I called the good 'ol resident on call for the night and painted the picture of discomfort and demanded something...anything! I got my morphine and was able to give the poor patient some rest for the night, at least as far as his vital signs exhibited. It was just so tragic, it is so tragic, and unfair, and I felt and feel so powerless. What is the point of being a nurse if we can't advocate for our patients and get results?

Monday, April 17, 2006


Imagine this: everytime you as a service tech go to peddle your company's wares to a customer, said customer is in pajamas with bed head and the look of an angry bear awoken from hibernation. It's also 6:30pm. And you've come accross this twice. What would you be thinking about this customer? Well, since I've been this said customer twice, I certainly hope they jump to the correct conclusion of a person working hard during the night hours and thus sleeping 'til 6:30pm is a natural and correct occurance. Hopefully this is what the Charter communications guy is thinking. And hopefully he'll start coming at a more decent hour! Because 6:30pm for me is 6:30am for the rest of the world. Sheesh.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wall and Art Showdown

I have conquered my fears of putting holes into walls. Blank walls everywhere rejoice! I will now fill you with art to make you laugh, to make you cry. Emote walls, emote! With screwdriver and hammer in hand and neat little anchor thingies the salesperson said would hold anything I had to at them, I will conquer the blandness that has made up my apartment these eight long months. I would also like to inform the world that I have the gift of eyeballing. Yes, this technical term refers to the most extraordinary gift I have to visualize the potential hanging place of art and make it perfectly centered and astonishingly symmetrical with all it's surroundings. No need for applause, your silence speaks volumes. I will gladly lend you my gift of eyeballing if ever the need should arise. No empty wall is safe from me now!
Hung to date:
1) Very large ancient map
2) Iron scrollwork clock
Well, I didn't say all my blank wall space would be covered in one night. But I assure you, my walls are trembling in anticipation.