Thursday, March 16, 2006


My bedroom clock, for some reason not wholly known to myself, is half an hour fast. This mysteriously happened one evening, maybe the power went out, I'm not really sure. But I have yet to set it back to the proper time. I feel it's a mental exercise for me and determines when I'm really awake because I have to look at a clock saying 5:52 am and mentally subtract 30min for the real time and know that I have extra minutes to sleep. It really can be quite difficult for the sleep addled brain but seems to do the trick of mentally preparing me for the day. Try it sometime; you'll know what I mean. And somehow when I lay in bed all day, like I did today, I can make excuses for myself when looking at the clock. Well, it *says* its 12:30, but I know it's only 12, so it's okay to lie here a little longer. It's amazing what the mind does to defend oneself. When I have days off like this it's so nice to just do...nothing. Well, I did re-read one of my most favorite books, so it wasn't nothing nothing, but pretty close. But now I've finally resigned myself to get out of bed and get my day started. I'm switching environments and will be doing nothing on my couch.


Jane Swanson said...

You are too funny! I'm glad that you can have days like this when your schedule is so hectic otherwise. What was your favorite book that you re-read?

Julia said...

It was Beauty by Robin McKinley... it feeds the romantic in me ;)