Thursday, April 20, 2006


Finished with my griping, I was checking my e-mail and discovered a letter of encouragement from one of my dear friends. The beautiful thing about this letter is that I haven't spoken to her in awhile and so she hasn't heard my tirade of despondency, yet she wrote me this poem. It was just exactly what I needed to bolster my heart and remind me why I do what I do, to bring honor to the name of Christ and give Him the glory. To know Christ is everything! I only hope I am able to be an imitation of His love towards my patients and their families.
Here is the poem my friend wrote:

There once was a little frog,

who said "dear mommy, what is wrong?"

She replied, "my work is so very hard,

trying to hop along the yard,

chirping this never-ending song."

The little frog sat for a time,

pondering his mommy's ryme.

Then he cried,

"Mommy, I know what is making you so drawn!"

"You forget that we were put here,

by a Big Man who has a big ear.

And he likes listening to your song.

I think you should remember,

that his Great Son was born in December,

So don't stop singing your song."

"The Big Man will listen,

and his Son's eyes will glisten,

as they think of their great plan for us.

Please don't get so weary,

and do not be so query,

of your job here in this little yard."

"Remember that I'm here today,

to hug and listen and help you pray.

So do not be discouraged!

The Big man and his Son will help you through it.

This makes your tough job in our little yard,

not so very hard."

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Jane Swanson said...

I'm glad you have that special friend that has cheered you!