Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ice, treachery...doughnuts!

I was driving to church early this morning. There was a beautiful glazed doughnut look to the world as I made my way on the sandy sprinkled road. But it very quickly changed from a pastry world into a dark and treacherous vegetable world. The asphalt roads began to take on an eggplant sheen with no fun sprinkles in sight. Unlike my usual self, I was exercising caution and restraint by going UNDER the speed limit. Cue surprise gasps.

It played out like a horror movie. The oblivious driver, singing to happy-go-lucky tunes on the radio, as ominous music begins play. This is to let you know something ominous is about to happen. And then it did! My car swiveled out of control and hit the snow! Then my car made it's very own snow-car-angel and I was facing the wrong way in a ditch of frozen snow.

Here is where I began thanking God for many things. First, I wasn't dead or injured. Second, I hadn't hit the tree three feet away from me. Third, I wasn't wearing heels or flats or a skirt like I usually wear to church. Fourth, a kindly farmer in his big sturdy truck stopped about two minutes after the horror moment and was able to push me out of the ditch with the help of three teenagers also in a big sturdy truck. In fact, I think I was the only one not in a big sturdy truck who was braving the back roads. This should inform everyone of the intelligence of my decision. But I was soon on my way again and left the eggplant behind me and everything became spun sugar and sweetness again. The End.

Moral of the story: Don't eat eggplants.


Jane said...

Ok, girlie, I love that you are writing again.
Sugary donuts,indeed!
I DO get the eggplant reference which is so much descriptive than "black ice".
Thanking God that you were not harmed, knowing that I'd have to thank Him even if you were.

Connie said...

I am glad you are ok. The Hoehnes peeked out the window and saw the glazed doughnut and decided to have some self-restraint and climbed back in bed!!!! We did home church. It was a lot like a bowl of warm oatmeal with cinnamon on top.
Glad your ok.
Love you and missed you at Christmas,

Greg said...

Remember the eggplant - esp today. Bubble.