Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time-Space Continuum

I was out shopping yesterday. Stay with me, this is exciting. Or more like, a rare insight into my mind. Which can be exciting. So, I was out shopping. I was looking for a particular game, namely, the Game of Scattergories. (Terrific game, if you've never played it and you're looking for a terrific game to play.)

I stand looking at this massive wall of games. Floor to ceiling, every game ever made, from chutes & ladders to cranium, it's all there in it's glorious game delight. My eye's scroll up, they scroll down, left right. Where is the terrific Game of Scattergories? My mom is always telling me I don't look for things hard enough and can't expect them to just jump out at me. That's mainly when I'm looking for a pair of shoes I've left at their house. And then they're usually found underneath something and I was really only wandering around the house expecting them to jump out at me. I mean, they belong to my feet, so you'd think the shoes would want to be reunited. The whole jumping out thing makes perfect sense to me.

But remembering my mother's advice I crouch low and read each game title. I peer high, looking behind boxes of different games. Finally, finally, I must admit defeat. No games jumping out at me. My eyes aren't detecting anything. I ask for help from the red-shirted worker-helper man. He gets out his cool scanner ray gun.

"According to this, it should be right here." He says, pointing to a space not filled with the terrific Game of Scattergories, while gazing into the digitizing main frame. I'm totally having a Sci-fi moment. And I almost, ALMOST, say in return, "Maybe it's been lost in the time/space rift that is located at precisely this point. So it IS right here, but in a different dimension. Cue Twilight Zone: Doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo..." but I refrain. No point in scaring the poor salesman. But maybe someday, when I least expect it, it WILL jump out at me from that alternate dimension...along with my missing sock.


Katie said...

Julia! I love you! I also love your posts...they always brighten up my day. That was for sure a insight into your mind, but is it really a rare occurance or a rare even that you share it???

Anonymous said...

I am glad you decided to blog every day. I check out here every once in awhile, and normally, nothing posted. I had a few blog entries to catch up on and laughed (out loud) a few times. Keep it up, I think they are way funny.

Cousin Kim

Milk Drinker said...

Oh Julia, you should have said it! that is so funny! Kind of like the time we went Christmas shopping for your dad trying to find the 'butt' warmer!

Best Auntie Vicki

anne said...

Your such a nerd.
But that's why I love ya :)

Greg said...

You like putting song lyrics in your blog.