Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quilts and Kulots

When I was twelve years old my mother decided it was time I learn to sew using the SEWING MACHINE. A very big deal as this was the sacred sewing machine. It had crafted curtains, bedspreads, matching dresses for us girls and many other things that I don't even know about. However, it was now my turn to approach the threshold of the mighty stitching one and craft something glorious. A pair of shorts. Kulots to be exact. You know... are they shorts, is it a skirt? One never could tell. They were very tricksy. Much like learning how to sew with a sewing machine. It awed me with it's silent purring power. I sat down with my fabric, which was actually kinda hideous, but it was the 90's, so what do you expect. Fabric under the needle, check. Foot on the pedal, check. Push down really hard and let the machine take over? Uncheck. But it was too late and my sewing lesson was delayed by some 13 odd years. But I am here as a testament that it is never too late! So go and sew, and may all your corners meet and all your urges to push really hard on the sewing machine pedal stay in check.


Kiwi da Fruit said...

Are you in the quilting Bible study? Mom and I were going to pick out colors for the quilt we'll be making, and she mentioned the suggested colors of blue, green, and brown.

Lynn said...

Nice piece, Julia, (your writing). Lynn

Milk Drinker said...

Oh Julia~IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad to be new sewing machings have a speed control on them~so no matter how hard you push on the peddle, it will only go on a slow speed! It's really great!~no tickets for speeding sewers!
Aunt Vicki

Jane said...

I DID put the machine on 1/2 power so that would slow her down a bit!!

Jane said...

Oh, and excellent job on the quilt square. Your fabric choices are wonderful and bright and happy and your new sewing skills are meticulously beautiful!

Julia said...

Kiwi - Yes! I'm in the quilting bible study, I'm completely looking forward to the next square!

Lynn - thanks so much for the compliment!

Milk Drinker and Mom - ha ha, funny. But seriously, thanks for the encouragement! :)