Friday, March 13, 2009


When I entered the apartment building a few days ago, the whole first floor was hazy. At first I thought it was just my eyes because I was tired, but then I smelled burning. But there were no fire alarms going off, so maybe it was just someone's dinner? I decided to go get my brother to compare senses. Ignoring the "in case of fire use stairs" sign, I took the elevator to the third floor.
The third floor smelled funky too. Burning funky, not funk funky, if you know what I mean. Jordan came out into the hall, then went to the first floor. Using the stairs. That one has a head on his shoulders I'd say. He agreed it smelled like something was burning but since no alarms were going off and we couldn't see billowing smoke coming from anyone's door we took the elevator back up to the third floor with our ears peeled for sirens. Then we started talking about if there was a fire, what would we grab from our apartment to save?
Jordan said he'd take all his clothes and throw his mattress out the window. He likes his bed. I didn't really know what I'd take. Maybe all my pictures and journals. My purse with my ID and everything in it. You know how it is ladies, EVERYTHING is in the purse. But other than that I wasn't quite sure. What would YOU take?


Lynn said...

I'd take my kids, husband, Bible, pictures, and computer if I could :). So what happened? As I was reading this I kept thinking, "I sure hope the fire alarms in that building work right!"

jaimee said...

hhmm Id take my pillow my blankets my American girls and my wooden dolls what the hay Id try to bring my hole room;] miss you

Jane said...

Like Lynn, I want to know IF there was a fire somewhere and IF the fire alarms are working. Did you tell your managers about it?! I think you should, but then I think like a mother.<3
I would take my children and try to get my husband awake and then of course ALL MY SCRAPBOOKS and QUILTS.

Julia said...

There was no fire that we know of, and they've tested our fire alert system periodically since we've lived here, so I'm hoping they're working!