Thursday, January 17, 2013

Like a good neighbor...

State Farm really is there! 
(Disclaimer: I am not in any way being paid to post nice sentiments about my insurance agency, let alone post any type of description of them positive or otherwise.)

I'm usually not one to laud the actions of any service I pay for.  I pay for coverage, so I expect coverage.  However, money doesn't make people nice to you.  I know that first hand from the medical field.  Cough...bedside manners ...cough..cough... doctors...cough.  Yet all contact with my inurance agents have been beyond amazing.  And unfortunately, I've had lots of contact with them over the years. 
For example, when a deer hit the car I was driving.  Yes, a deer came out of nowhere and rammed into the driver's side door.  I didn't even see it coming!  And the insurance agency believed me.  I even showed them the tufts of hair stuck in the door, and we all had a good laugh. 
Another time I locked my keys in the car while out of town.  I don't have a fancy smart phone that could find me a locksmith and the ancient book of yellowpages was nowhere to be found.  So I called my insurance office.  Not only did they find me a locksmith, but the cheapest one who was closest to my vicinity.   And then another deer, probably the same one coming to finish the job, ran into me again!  More tufts of deer hair!  More laughter!
  Most recently I was in an accident involving my absent-mindedness resulting in a side-swipe type run-in.  Without going into too many details, I gave the number of the person I may or may not have allegedly hit and Claims took care of it all.  They even had to call me a couple of times for some clarification about things which may or may not have transpired and then apologized that they even had to contact me!  I felt like their only customer.  It almost makes me want to get into another accident just so I can talk with them again.  And knowing me, it probably won't take very long.

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