Monday, April 17, 2006


Imagine this: everytime you as a service tech go to peddle your company's wares to a customer, said customer is in pajamas with bed head and the look of an angry bear awoken from hibernation. It's also 6:30pm. And you've come accross this twice. What would you be thinking about this customer? Well, since I've been this said customer twice, I certainly hope they jump to the correct conclusion of a person working hard during the night hours and thus sleeping 'til 6:30pm is a natural and correct occurance. Hopefully this is what the Charter communications guy is thinking. And hopefully he'll start coming at a more decent hour! Because 6:30pm for me is 6:30am for the rest of the world. Sheesh.

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Jane Swanson said...

That's a bummer! Can you maybe leave a note by your call button and tell them to not call?
[don't tell them your sleeping or anything, we don't want people knowing that you're doing that and vulnerable!]