Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wall and Art Showdown

I have conquered my fears of putting holes into walls. Blank walls everywhere rejoice! I will now fill you with art to make you laugh, to make you cry. Emote walls, emote! With screwdriver and hammer in hand and neat little anchor thingies the salesperson said would hold anything I had to at them, I will conquer the blandness that has made up my apartment these eight long months. I would also like to inform the world that I have the gift of eyeballing. Yes, this technical term refers to the most extraordinary gift I have to visualize the potential hanging place of art and make it perfectly centered and astonishingly symmetrical with all it's surroundings. No need for applause, your silence speaks volumes. I will gladly lend you my gift of eyeballing if ever the need should arise. No empty wall is safe from me now!
Hung to date:
1) Very large ancient map
2) Iron scrollwork clock
Well, I didn't say all my blank wall space would be covered in one night. But I assure you, my walls are trembling in anticipation.


anne said...

Julia so glad to hear your white walls are now brimming with some color!
You got some good frames!!!
Now we just have to work on your heat issues...but then again I am pregnant, therefore hot all of the time!
HORRAY for wall art!

Jane Swanson said...

What a good description.
You write so well!
Can't wait to see it look even more homey in your apartment.
Have to agree with Anne on the temperature, tho! TOO HOT!