Monday, June 19, 2006


Now that it's daylight, I'm trying to figure out if what happened last night actually happened. This occurs occasionally while working the night's almost like you're in a surreal state with a foggy sense of reality. You're body is telling you over and over again you should be sleeping and dreaming, and so sometimes what happens over the night feels like a dream. I was sitting at my station, minding my own business, writing some numbers down, prioritizing for the rest of my shift. Then a fellow (male) co-worker comes up to me. I give him a glance and ask “what's up?” He says to me, "let me preclude this comment I'm about to make by saying it's not a come-on or anything." "ooookay" I respond, not quite sure what this is about.
"I have to tell you, you are absolutely gorgeous."
Ummm, even with the scaly skin, bags under my eyes and stylish scrubs?
"Well, thank you very much," I manage to get out. I would not have expected this comment from this particular co-worker. I'm a bit stunned.
"I wanted to tell you yesterday, I thought you should know." He walks away. Um...
"It's a good thing you started this conversation out the way you did, or I would've wondered," I quip, trying to make light of a situation that's very quickly making me feel very awkward. He laughs, I laugh and then no more is said about the matter.
Yet, it's amazing how a compliment like that can make you feel. I have to say I was flattered, a little creeped out, but still flattered. And my mom thinks I should curl my hair for work! Imagine the comments I might get then....


Jane Swanson said...

SO, this REALLY happened or was it a dream?!? Of course, you are beautiful, gorgeous even, but doesn't it creep you out just a little that he said this........?

Your last line is perfect. You have the best way of writing. You know exactly how to say it to perfectly tie up your little vinettes. And you are right. WHO knows what would happen if you curled your hair?! OY VEY!

anne said...

he he. CURL the HAIR!!! I want to know what happens!

SO here I am posting on your blog...reading NO MORE COMPLAINING missy!


Cherie said...

So you have had a few men admiring your beauty! Must be fun.:)
Love the story and a little peek into your work life.
Enjoyed study last night with you and all the girls!

Jane Swanson said...

A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.
Victor Hugo