Saturday, July 15, 2006


No...not the tv show, but something very near and dear to me. My journal!! Sure blogging has it's moments, but the hand-written word can be so much more satisfying at times. Not that my handwriting is gorgeous or anything, or even legible for that matter (unless on legal documents;). But when I'm in a real rage, or despair, or any extreme mood, flying over paper with a pen is definitely more therapeutic than that tappity-tap of the keyboard. My poor, poor journal....sniff. It had so many personal stories in there, plus some of my best dreams were recorded feels like I lost a little part of me. Or maybe a big part of me. I'm sure I'll get over it but for now I need to find a piece of paper to scrawl my angst across.

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Kyle said...

how big was your journal. I keep mine in my back pocket. I can only imagine how shitty it feels to loose a diary. Good luckfinding a new one!