Saturday, July 15, 2006


This is something I would most likely write about in my unrecovered journal which I'm still crying on the inside about, and venting on the outside about. Anyway, my parents have changed their will and made me their POA's and given me custody of any minors if they die. Even though I'm surrounded by death often, and I glory in death because it brings us face to face with our Savior, I still don't like to think about my parent's dying. And that I might have some say in that. All the time I see families torn because the person who is the POA wants to do one thing while people who don't have the final say in the decision making are trying to persuade the POA do something else. It's heart breaking for families. It's heart breaking to watch even. There are so many variables when it comes to keeping someone alive and when it's time to withdraw care. I know how my dad feels and I know how my mom feels but it's not always so cut and dry when you're faced with a real scenario. But, it is something useless to worry about, and it shows my lack of faith in Christ. I'm not saying it'll never happen, but these are choices I don't have to make on my own, Christ's strength and comfort will fortify me. I'm not being dismissive of the responsibility, or even fatalistic, but I know with great certainty that I don't need to worry about that bridge until I come to it. May "the peace of God which transcends all understanding guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7.

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