Friday, January 02, 2009


Why do Airplanes have seat belts but Buses don't? Think about it. Please fasten your seat belt as we prepare to plummet to the earth. The seat belt will save you from the impact. Riiiight. But buses, because they own the road, will NEVER get in an accident.

Any other ideas why this discrepancy exists?


Jane said...

That will tell you a few reasons.


Jane said...

Also see:
Nov. 22--LIMA -- Despite a deadly accident involving a school bus in Alabama on Monday, local school officials still say buses without seat belts are the safest route to go.

Jane said...
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Milk Drinker said...

Actually, when I was training to be a bus driver aka Professional People Mover, I asked the very question. The answer I was given was that because the seats are so high they are really compartments IF the students sit facing front inside the seats. And that is VERY funny because students DON'T SIT & IF THEY DO THEY ARE HANGING OUT IN THE ASILE! Oh, excuse me there. All that being said, what good does the compartment do if we roll upside down?