Thursday, January 01, 2009


New Year's resolutions. You know, the ones you make sporadically as you start the ten minute count down: 10-9-I-vow-to-loose-ten-pounds-2-1... happy new year! Or the premeditated list of top ten things you WILL do this year that you had been planning to do last year but only managed to read a third of war and peace and then just gave the whole list up as lost. Speaking of which, LOST, I mean, not new years resolutions, but the show, I vow to not miss an episode this year. So I will actually understand whats going on. Like when they zoom up on a face and a look of significance is exchanged, and if you'd seen the previous episode you would've known why there was a look of significance and then you can scream at the television : "I knew it all along! Whuahhahahahah!"
Back to resolutions. I'm easily distracted. Maybe I vow to become more focused. Or go to bed on time before work. But I'm not doing that right now because of my actual resolution. Which, I almost forgot to do and the new day of the new year isn't even over yet. Sad. So here's to my chances of keeping this one: I vow to blog every single day. Excited, aren't you?


anne said...

well I'm pumped...I figured I'd give your blog a gander today...this first day of 2009...and low and behold you posted!
ps- War and Peace...not worth it...I've only gotten through about 1/3 of it too...I'm saving the rest for the nursing home. :)

Jane said...

Julia!! You're back!!
Anne and I are such faithful followers of your blog!
Whoopee!! Can't wait to hear more, especially how you are going to describe sliding into the ditch this morning and how a farmer in a three piece suit rescued you. . . oh, I'm stealing your story. . . I'll let YOU tell it better!!!

Milk Drinker said...

I for one, am excited. I come here often only to see the same story of the 'cow'!