Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Okay, so I've let a few days go by, but really only mainly because of work. To tell the honest truth (rather than the unhonest truth) work was a little depressing these past few days. So I like drowning my sorrows in chocolate and books rather than blogging. But I will return with some more humorous stories from my most humorous life. Like about my dentist appointment. Or the mysterious bruises. Or the guy who reads the paper at the same time every night with the light on and the curtains open for us all to gaze upon and marvel at a world of consistency. See, isn't your interest piqued now? So I bid you anon until things are less depressing which will most likely be later today. After my dentist appointment. And only if there are no cavities.


Jane said...

Looking forward to it.

I had to cancel my 'getting a cavity filled day' today as I am without a car, as you know.

anne said...

CRASH MAMA to the rescue once again!
Hoping for a good report from the dentist...unlike your sister and sister-in-law who had less than perfect teeth...but our stellar personalities make up for it.

Also...I'm wondering, have you ever NOT had a mysterious bruise? :)

pps- I'm getting some good reads together for our GET READY!

anne said...
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