Thursday, February 26, 2009

My adventure

I have arrived at the age where the stupid things I do can no longer be chalked up to youthful exuberance. Hence my adventure to get my car which had been in the car hospital for 4 weeks after an unfortunate incident involving snow, a sharp turn and a poor little car that never had a chance. The driver shall remain nameless. But we'll call that incident stupid thing NUMBER ONE.

I firstly decided to take a bus, which could only take me so far, as my car was being held in another town adjacent to the one I live in. But I think taking a bus halfway shows some signs of intelligence, so we'll call this smart thing NUMBER ONE.

The bus took me half way and I prepared myself for the four mile trek. Four miles is really not that far. Now, if I had, let's say, not worn a winter jacket and a hat and gloves, and walking shoes, it would've been a stupid thing. But I promise I was in appropriate attire so this can be a neutral thing. I actually enjoyed walking for a time, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there were pretty little houses for them too:

Oh, and did I mention I had a map? Well, okay, I didn't have it with me. But it was in my head because I had carefully planned my route before I left. I think this was smart thing NUMBER TWO.

But then I came to the highway overpass and realized the sidewalk runs out after going under the overpass. Very unfortunate.


The sidewalkless highway. Stupid thing NUMBER TWO.

The closeup of the ditch I got to walk in. It was very muddy and wet.

Stupid thing NUMBER THREE.

The train tracks I walked on. They were less muddy and wet. And no trains were in sight, so can I call this smart thing NUMBER THREE?

After all that walking adventure, I finally made it to my car. I could've wept with joy. I collected my keys, said so long to the car, I mean, car mechanics, and what took me an hour to walk took me ten minutes to drive. I love not-so-modern-anymore technology. But it looks like I did three stupid things, and three smart things. Hence they cancel each other out and now I am neither smart nor stupid! Until next time...


Friends of Narnia said...

Oh, you poor thing! Well, they cancel each other out! :P

Jane said...

You silly silly goosey-gander you!
The only good thing about this incident is this delightful story that you have told.
Where is your common sense girl?!?!?

Lynn said...

This was a very good story. I loved the pictures of the bird houses (and railroad tracks). I love taking walks like this, but NOT BY MYSELF! :)

jaimee said...

I totely agre with mom. [ even tho I lvoe the pichers]. remember iam a bad speler;.).

Jaimee says again said...

What I meant to say is:
I TOTALLY AGREE with mom. [even though, I LOVE the PICTURES].
Remember, I AM a bad SPELLER. ;)