Friday, November 30, 2012

It's all in the name

It isn't that difficult to change your name once you're married.  The only hard part is remembering all the various things your maiden name is attached to.  I've been married for a year and I thought I'd covered them all.  But apparently not.  My mom called me the other day and left a message on my phone... "The library just called and informed me your Oral History of WWII that you placed on hold is now available.  So you need to change your name and address with them so they won't call me anymore.  Oh, and why do you want a history on WWII?  Bye!"

At first I was confused.  Because for those of you who know me, I enjoy fictional, happy-ending stories.  Granted WWII had a happy ending in a general sense, but I still don't need to read about all the death and destruction.  Because real stories make me sad.  But fictional death and destruction?  I'm weirdly not as depressed by that, because I know it's make-believe.  But ONLY if there is a happy ending.  All of this to say, I also wanted to know why I was getting a book on WWII because I was pretty sure I hadn't wanted to.  Until I remembered, I had put a hold on WW...wait for it... Z.  As in Z is for Zombies. 

When I told my mother that was in fact the book I had placed on hold, not something on WWII, she was mildly disappointed.  "Here I thought you were being all intellectual and it's just one of your weird sci-fi books," she lamented.  But now I know how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  Need to go and start putting our house up on stilts now.

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Jane said...

I hate to be the only one commenting, but you are hilarious! House on stilts indeed!