Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Just a trifle

I made this lovely pumpkin trifle for Thanksgiving.  Gaze upon it for a moment.  Admire all of it's layers of pumpkin/butterscotch pudding, spice cake and whip cream.  The delicate balance of crumbs and creams.  The precise fit of all ingredients in one layered moment of deliciousness.
Then ask me why this is called a trifle, of all things?  Doesn't this sound a bit, well, trifling? For such a magnanimous dessert?  I demand a rename!  It should be called something that brings to mind the beauty of such a wondrous creation.  Like, a wonder-bowl! Or a Julia-is-so-amazing-to-have-made-this-amazing-thing!  Yes, I like that one.  Any other ideas? 

1 comment:

Jane said...

"Trifle" is English understatement carried to an extreme, a pretended modesty on the part of the originator of a rather elaborate creation.