Sunday, December 09, 2012

The right way?

We've been remodeling our kitchen.  And it is true what they say, whoever those all-seeing, all-knowing they are.  A remodeling project is a marriage.

Do you know what else is strengthening?  Getting a dishwasher.  Then it makes someone in the marriage more likely to wash the dishes.  Because it doesn't involve actually washing them.  Which we all know is the worst thing ever.  But this person will remain nameless.   A dishwasher is life changing, or pretty epiphany making, just really awesome, in my own estimation.  And I am a dish-loading pro.  I was militantly trained to be one my whole childhood.  I remember in precise detail the tutorial I received from my father about arranging the dishes in the most efficient manner to fit the most as many as possible while still achieving cleanliness. 

So now we have a dishwasher, and I know the correct way to load the dishes.  I informed my husband of this fact as I was lovingly rearranging the dishes just loaded.  He just said I knew a way to load dishes, but it wasn't necessarily the correct or best way.  Well, our children will know the best way, and let's just say it won't be daddy's.

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Kiwi da Fruit said...

Haha, nice. I seem to remember the dishwasher example being used in a sermon at one point. If this dishwasher-loading-method is good enough to be used in a sermon, then surely it is the best there is!